About Us

Hello, friends!

My name is Ruslan Palichev, I am the author of the idea of creating clothes that you will see on this site and its developer. I could describe our sacred mission for a long time, bringing people happiness, joy and a sense of beauty, write about our many decades of great experience in clothing and fishing, but this is all nonsense, no one reads. I will try to be brief:

I'm not alone, we have a large friendly team.

We ourselves develop and produce our clothes in Ukraine.

We ourselves test it on fishing.

As a result, we offer you the best solutions.

I thought that it was much more important to write about how we are guided when creating clothes. First of all, personal experience. In the second - your opinion and experience, your advice and feedback, which we are always welcome. When we talk about practicality and functionality - what do we mean by this? I do not want to offend anyone, but for many manufacturers they end up with an advertising slogan. Even famous brands sometimes sin with this, probably using outsourcing - in the world it is a normal practice in the design and manufacture of clothing that, unfortunately, sometimes harms the image.

So: of course, there should be a lot of pockets and not just pockets, but pockets with a size that allows you to put something necessary in them, a lot of boxes with lures, a flashlight, a phone, everything you need in the process of fishing. These pockets must be closed to avoid falling out and losing your favorite items. After all, each of us, at least once, drowned something in fishing, right? :) Part of the accessories that are constantly used, can be mounted on retractors, to be always at hand and not get lost, under them you need either half rings for carabiners, or attachment points for retractors. In fabrics with a dense interlacing of threads, for example, in softshell, it is very easy to damage the fibers of the fabric surface with the icon, which spoils the appearance of the product. Therefore, in the Predator collection, there is a special pad on the chest for attaching the retractor badge, because when catching a predator it is especially relevant.

In general, you can’t ruin a fisherman’s clothing with an extra good pocket! :)

Clothing should protect you from exposure to the external environment, and when fishing it is more aggressive than, for example, when gathering mushrooms and berries, or even hunting.

On fishing, especially the sea, the sun is the first enemy. And if your session is several days long - fishing from pleasure and relaxation quickly turns into torture, not to mention harm to health and spending on subsequent treatment for sunburn. Therefore, clothing and hats should cover the surface of the body from sunlight. For example, an ordinary baseball cap on the sea does not save, only panama with wide brim or with additional face protection. Keep this in mind when choosing clothes!

The wind greatly affects the heat transfer of your body, the wind is considered to be comfortable from 1 to 4 meters per second. At higher speeds, its effect on you depends on the temperature of the air, if it is below body temperature, your body will cool, if it is higher, it will overheat, in both cases it is bad. Therefore, some of the products we produce from fabrics with good windproof function.

And yes. Any jacket should be hooded, with a hood always comfortable. Even if you rarely use it, it protects the neck and part of the head from the wind better than a regular collar. And if you use it, it’s not for me to tell you about its advantages! After all, they certainly felt fishing, how did he sometimes miss him?

But I’m not going to write about the visual appeal, design and design features of our clothes, I think you will appreciate it yourself. And finally, we are always open to critics of professionals, and even she is very happy, because it allows us to make our products better. Under each of our products there is a form in which you can leave your feedback, recommendations and suggestions. Do not restrain yourself! :)

 All neither tail nor scales!