Tuning boats Kolibri 330

  • 17 Mar 2019

Once I decided to buy myself a boat. Everybody who once did it knows that it would seem a harmless, at first glance, thought of buying a boat, even a rubber one, would lead to significant financial investments, because after buying, looking at your purchase, you still think, and let me make her tuning, buy a motor, winch, echo sounder, beautiful chair, to sit like a king-king! :) In general, if you decide to buy a boat, I advise you to put a fur coat for your wife in the budget in order to observe the likeness of justice and peace in the family! :)

The selection criteria identified the following:

  • Clearly, price-quality
  • Boat must be keel
  • Ability to carry and assemble alone
  • The kit should fit in the trunk of the car.

After a long analysis, the choice fell on the Hummingbird 3.3 meters. I will note right away, with further use on fishing together, I repeatedly visited the idea that a boat would be more comfortable, but the choice between comfort, weight and compactness is complicated and requires sacrifice. 58 kilograms is the maximum weight that I agree to carry alone when necessary.

In general, I bought a boat, I began to look after the engine, I started with small ones, eventually I bought a two-stroke Mercury for fifteen horses, the maximum possible for this boat, which accelerates it to 35 km / h with two passengers, and everything would be fine if I would not have seen Borika’s stand at the exhibition. Various beautiful and practical things for tuning boats! I can not show this. The brain began to draw pictures for me, what my boat could be, it became clear that it would not be easy and we would not be limited to standard solutions, which naturally gave me many difficulties later and led to the mass of time spent. And he presented no less than a boat with echo sounders, cameras, transom wheels, anchors and a homemade awning. And not just an awning, but that it also formed as in a convertible. I had to sit down and draw all these fantasies. I wanted something swift and sporty, but what happened in the end:

First, as a warm-up, I sewed a cover for the motor so that you can carry it in the car in the backseat, since trunk busy boat.

By this time I have already registered a boat (I remind you that all rubber boats over 250 centimeters long and with a carrying capacity of more than 225 kilograms are subject to mandatory registration) and have been trained to captain a small ship! :) Since I already knew the requirements for a complete set of small vessels, and the life jackets on sale infringed upon my aesthetic feelings, I sewed several life jackets in the color scheme of my boat. :)

Then everything seemed simple and clear, I bought all the components, I found an aluminum pipe, I calculated everything and started to make it. Pasted on the nose and sides of all platforms Borika with a distance of 305 mm, so that they could attach any accessories, three on the nose (central under the anchor and two for accessories) and four on the sides (two under the awning, two for accessories).

One pad screwed onto the transom for the sonar sensor. Standard mounting Borika had to be shortened., Because the sensor was too low under the bottom. I also screwed the transom mounts onto the transom with which there was a whole story, no designs for the transom size fit, strongly protruded beyond its limits, which I didn’t like much when traveling. Large wheels certainly more convenient during transportation, but I had to look for a middle ground. In general, I bought separately the wheels, separately the metal part, because I wanted wheels made of porous rubber and as wide as possible.

It remains to collect the metal structure of the tent. And it turned out that finding in Kiev where you can gently bend an aluminum pipe with a large radius is almost impossible, I lost almost a month to search and even began to think about whether I should buy my own pipe bender, everything was useful in the household, I even found a manufacturer, but a miracle happened , on the recommendation of a friend, I found a company working with aluminum structures and I bent the two upper tubes.

I will not describe how many times I reworked, shortened, lengthened, bought more pipes, components from Borika, because in the course of manufacturing new ideas appeared. In the end, I collected everything under the key and I really liked everything.

Until I made a model of an awning made of polyethylene and it turned out that my boat was not at all sporty and swift, but looked like a floating shed! :)

But there was nowhere to retreat. The problem was in the dimensions of the boat, the height of the roof, the minimum possible for a comfortable stay inside and the small length of the boat do not allow to make the desired profile of the vessel. On a longer boat would have turned out nicer. In general, I figured on how much you can lower the top, disassembled everything, cut it to a new one and again collected it. On a new made of polyethylene layout, drew all the seams, joints, fasteners and fasteners.

By this time I was trained and received a certificate of the captain of a small vessel, the winter was over, spring came and went and the day came for opening the water! The desire to put the boat into the water easily overcame my moral ability to finish the job. :) In general, I still have to make an awning.

But in general, it seems to me that in the conditions of our fishing, an awning is needed for those who like to sit with a fishing rod, and there is no need for it on trips to the predator for one day. But this pathetic attempt not to make an awning is not credited! :)

Next will be! All neither tail nor scales!


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